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If it is listed on our website (WelcomeHomeRealty.DE) it is available, if not, it is not available. We can’t control secondary sites that continue to advertise sometimes years after the property is no longer available.

Please note that although our website shows the most up to date information, we do not take rentals off the market until a lease is signed and monies are collected. This means we may have a scheduled lease signing for the property you are interested in. The best way to make sure a property is still available is to contact the agent who listed it for rent.

$29.95 per applicant and every occupant over the age of 18 has to apply. This fee is not refundable. We do not collect payment, the screening company Apply Connect does, this is their policy.

You will receive an email (sent to the one you provided in the application) within 3-5 business days. This email will notify you if your application has been denied, pending (incomplete), or conditional (other occupants have to apply and/or we need to collect income documents). You may also receive a phone call or text. Providing requested supporting documents in a timely fashion helps us get you to approved status faster.

Our property management team will schedule the best date and time for you to come into our office to meet some of our staff and execute a lease. Please note we do not give keys and access to the home until all utilities are switched into the tenants name. Your lease will never start on the date you come in to sign, therefore you will not be getting keys that same day.

We treat all of our clients the same regardless of how they get their rent money. With Section 8 applicants we need you to add your voucher amount into your monthly income and any other living aid you receive such as food stamps or child support or alimony. The denial or approval of your application will be based off of your overall application. If the application meets or exceeds our company and landlords requirements, we will gladly accept your voucher.

  • Household monthly gross income should be AT LEAST 3 times the amount of rent (ex: a rental $1000/month = $3000 monthly income)
  • No prior landlord or utility judgements
  • No evictions or court records with prior landlords
  • No federal tax liens
  • Clean background check
  • Strong landlord referral, rental history a plus
  • We look at various items related to credit and your score (number of negative and collection accounts, late payments, monthly debt, available credit, just to name a few)
  •  Scores below 640 are an automatic denial. Scores above 640 does not mean you are automatically approved.
  • We look for friendly and compliant tenants
  • The occupant must tour the rental property in person before signing a lease

We manage over 300 quality rental properties in the state and steadily growing. Our landlords expect us to only show their properties to qualified tenants. Also touring homes with tenants that are not qualified potentially wastes the tenants time and the agents time and the current tenant who is occupying the rental is put out unnecessarily. Being we maintain such a high quality of condition of our rentals they are in high demand and we are only looking for quality tenants who will maintain our landlords properties in good condition. We do take wide angle photos and do our best to provide all available information to potential tenants online, so that by the time you are ready for a tour, you have a high likelihood that you may take it.

We cannot secure a rental without a signed lease and payment. Until this is done, the property is still marketed and available to others.

Our minimum lease term is 12 months. Should the landlord allow a shorter lease for certain circumstances, the monthly rent will be increased to compensate for the marketing expense associated with short term turnovers. We do work with companies that place displaced families. If you are relocating to this area and want to rent first, we can place you and get you out of your lease when you decide to purchase, but only if you use one of our Realtors® who are willing to give up a portion of their commission to cover any losses suffered by the landlord as a result of a short term rental. We do require that after you are in contract (for purchase) that you cooperate with showings for a replacement tenant. Once a replacement tenant is found, showings stop.

The majority of our rentals allow pets. Please view each individual listing to make sure the landlord for the specific property you are interested in allows it. Our company policy, however, is no dobermans, pittbulls, or rottweilers. This includes a mix of any of the three.

No, once you apply, your application is good for all of our rentals. (Please be sure you are applying for a property we manage before submitting an application. You can find the most accurate and up to date information on our website).

All denials are final with our company, however, you may find a private landlord or another company that is willing to take a risk that we are not.

We hire Apply Connect as our screening company. Your payment is sent to them to run your application, therefore applications are non refundable. When you view your application online, we suggest you screenshot it or convert it to Adobe file. 

Surety money is NOT allowed and at this time, we are NO longer accepting cosigner.

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Steph Hemphill

Our Renting Process

Thank you for your interest in one of our rentals, here is our process:

Please read the frequently asked questions before applying.

Thank you for considering us for your real estate needs, whether you want to buy, sell, rent or interested in investing in a rental property as a landlord, we are your full service Realtor®, we also work with some great lenders.